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Dyslexia Awareness UK is a company dedicated to giving its clients tailored solutions.

Our company provides professional trainers who specialise in delivering dyslexia friendly tools appropriate for the client's needs.

Vicki McNicol, the founder of the company, is dyslexic and fully understands the issues faced by dyslexic learners and employees.

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1. Identifying Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a complex condition to diagnose. Through research and new technology we now know that dyslexia is a difference in the neuro-pathways in the brain.

2. The Role of the Parent
The first thing a parent is faced with is the fact that their child is failing to acquire new skills at the same pace as either their siblings or peers.

3. Employers
Supporting a dyslexic employee need not be as daunting as you might expect.


Vicki has achieved the following professional qualifications:

Chartered Institute of Professional Development Certificate in Training Practice
OCR level 5 Certificate in Specialist Teaching of Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties
OCR Level 7 Diploma in Teaching and Assessing Specific Learning Difficulties
SpLD APC 500001462-FL5683

Vicki's client base includes the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre (HADC), Open University and the Wessex Needs Assessment Centre (WNAC), providing a variety of specialist dyslexia assessments.

Vicki is committed to raising awareness of dyslexia through bespoke training for those who teach and employ dyslexic people.

Her vision is for a society where all dyslexic individuals feel safe to celebrate their dyslexic talents whilst striving to overcome their dyslexic difficulties.

Her mission is to empower dyslexic individuals by equipping those who teach and employ dyslexics with teaching techniques, workplace strategies, information, guidance and support.